Technology is Reshaping the Seafood Industry

The value of exported fresh seafood products from Iceland has increased significantly over the past several years – and this trend is reshaping the industry – both at sea and on land. The increase, in both volume and even more in value, is not least thanks to improved handling and cooling of both catch and production. If the current volume of fresh seafood was to be exported frozen, the value would be only HALF the amount.

Another breakthrough is the development of new production equipment for fresh fillets, as X-ray guided water jet cutting technology and grading/packing equipment, all together yielding a revolution in both efficiency and new possibilities in meeting the ever increasing demand for high quality seafood products.

For further insight take a look at the below links to a couple of interesting news articles on the website of Matis – An Icelandic Food Research Company – & the link to the demonstration videos of Valka – A Leading Edge Developer of Seafood Production Technology.

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